To start off

First off …. Thank you very much for paying a visit to this page.

Alright so we will be starting off with the python for machine learning blog today. Here what’s in store for you visitors out here.

Through this blog I’ll be initially posting and dealing with the general python language operations that are needed to be known before hand so that the coding can be done easily without wondering about the syntax of the language.

As we all know that effectiveness of a particular machine learning method/algorithm is fundamentally determined by the kind of features/Data   being fed to it . It is very essential to know how to handle this data. Hence general purpose knowledge of the language in our case python is very much essential.

As we gradually get accustomed to the language . we will be starting off with concepts in Machine Learning . I would assume that you are having atleast some knowledge regarding the machine learning and its uses . Later on we may introduce some concepts like Map-Reduce and other added bonus features.

This blog is specially for those who have little or minimal knowledge computer science …



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