Knock Knock ? Who’s there ? Data Structures.. :|


As promised today Im dropping my post about data structures available in python.

For those of you who are not familiar with concept of data structures. Basically a Data Structure defines the way our data is stored so that it can be accessed efficiently.

AND good machine learning happens only when we have good quality data to create our features from. If you dont know what feature is , stick to this blog I will be posting about it later .

As for the data scientist out here . Remember most of the data scientist spend 70-80% of their time working to sort data.

Now the reality is that most of the data that is generated nowadays is found to be unstructured. This is similar to working at a store which looks something like this.

Lovely little shrine for bad quality  unstructured data

Will you be ready to assist someone in finding a product of their choice in such mess?   HELLL NOOO!!!.


So what you do is organise your data in very structured and thought off manner ,for easy access in the future and end up with something like this.

Praise the lord!!!
Praise the lord!!!

Someone’s job just got a lot easier.
As a machine learner or a someone who wants to be a DATA SCIENTIST.  YOU GOT TO STRUCTURE YOUR DATA. Now what kind of structure you use completely depends on you and how you want to access it . If speed is the need or space is the problem ,you might wanna try different structure similar to a store which might try a circular setup like shown here.candy-store-setup


what are our options? well when you talk about storing data in python the first thing that comes in our mind is list. I thought of creating a vlog about list but I’m kinda short on time so but I will put up a Vlog regarding the  list operations or comprehensions as we call them. Till then check out this introductory video by KHAN ACADEMY . He explains the nuances about the concept of List pretty concisely .

Now that you are familiar with concept of List . I will keep this post short . Next post I will be covering about list comprehensions that’ll be tomorrow or today  depending upon whenever I get the time. after learning about List comprehensions you should be able to script most of the algorithmic or Data Munging(Cleaning) requirements . So please keep up 🙂  . This will be followed by post about dictionary and sets .Never really used sets for Machine Learning but no harm knowing about it .

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