I’m Back.


Hey guys, Its been so long since I last posted anything on this blog of mine. Honestly, I had every intensions of continuing to blog, but I just got caught up with life. So, here I’m Back. The main intension of starting this blog was to share what I learnt from my projects and my learning with others, which in a way helped me understand better. I had started learning python with an intension to learn about machine learning and hence named the blog, pythonformachinelearning. One of the reasons I figured I wasn’t able to contribute to the blog, was the disconnect I had between my full time job learnings and python, especially machine learning. I still use python for my day to day work as a pretentious data scientist, and in product development/management while integrating the insights and methods into developing marketing technology products at Sokrati.Inc. I really missed blogging and sharing what I learnt everyday, but the niche name of my blog kept me at bay. So, today I decided to rename my blog to python for everything lazy. I intend to make it a place where I share small insights and ways of using python, like I do, for getting the mundane things done.

I didn’t really miss blogging though.


Laters. 🙂


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